Our 'Daisy' Vehicles

Companion Driver Terence pushing a wheelchair and client into the back of a WAV Daisy vehicle

Wheelchair Accessible

All of our vehicles are wheelchair accessible with a ramp, so that users do not need to transfer from a wheelchair to a vehicle seat.

Wheelchairs, of all types, can be driven straight into the vehicle and then securely fastened. This ensures that wheelchair and scooter users can travel safely and comfortably.

No need to worry about limited space when it comes to taking a wheelchair or scooter along for the ride! With enough room for up to three passengers and an abundance of cargo, you can travel worry-free with your carers and shop 'til you drop! So hop in and enjoy a comfortable and stress-free journey!

One of two 7-seater Daisy WAVs

Multiple Passengers

We also have two multi-passenger vehicles (MPVs) on our fleet, making it easier than ever to get out and enjoy group activities or family days out.

Our MPVs can carry up to seven passengers or two wheelchairs and five passengers, providing the perfect solution for groups looking to enjoy activities or family days out, or care homes looking to offer residents group outings.

We even provide airport runs for groups or families going on holiday!

Now, you can travel with ease and convenience.

Dog in car with face out of window on a road

Dogs Welcome On Board

We understand how important it is for some of our clients to bring their canine friends along on their travels. That's why we are proud to offer a pet-friendly service, welcoming dogs on board.

We want all our clients to feel safe and comfortable during their journey and we understand that for some, their four-legged companion can provide extra support and reassurance when they need it most.