Q: Is there a transportation service for wheelchair users?

A: Yes, we offer transportation services for wheelchair users. Our wheelchairs are accessible for both powerchairs and mobility scooters. Additionally, there is no need to transfer from your wheelchair to the vehicle seat, as you can simply wheel into the vehicle and be safely secured.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing Driving Miss Daisy Didcot over a taxi firm?

A: Driving Miss Daisy Didcot provides a unique experience that begins with a warm welcome at your front door and a helping hand. Our service is tailored to your preferences, whether it's your choice of music, a particular conversation topic, or no conversation at all. During the journey, we are not just your driver but also your personal companion. This personalised approach sets us apart from traditional taxi firms and ensures that you have an enjoyable and supportive journey from start to finish.

Q: Are your services exclusively for the elderly and those who use wheelchairs?

A: Our services are not limited to any specific group of individuals. We provide assistance to anyone who is considered vulnerable, including young people with learning disabilities, temporarily less-abled individuals due to accidents or illnesses, as well as parents who need to ensure their children are transported safely from school to an after-school club. We are here to help anyone who requires our services.

Q: Can I have company without leaving my home?

A: Absolutely! Our Companion Drivers prioritise companionship with driving and would love to spend time with those who live alone, in their homes or gardens. Alternatively, they can take you out for the day – it's completely up to you.

Q:  What areas of the Country do you cover?

A:  Our team is located in Didcot and mainly serves South Oxfordshire. However, we extend our services to the entirety of Oxfordshire and even into Berkshire. If one of our partners is closer to your location, we would connect you with them. This will keep your costs at a minimum and ensure maximum availability.

Q: Can my friend, family member, partner or carer accompany me on my travels?

A: Absolutely! Our vehicles have up to five passenger seats, which means even with a wheelchair (or two aboard one of our people carriers), there is ample room for group outings.

Q: Will my Companion Driver stay with me whilst I attend my appointment or visit the shops?

A: Yes! Our Companion Drivers are happy to stay with you during your appointment or shop with you, depending on your preference. We will wait in the waiting room or the vehicle while you're at your appointment or walk with you through the shops and assist with your shopping. We understand that sometimes a cup of tea and a chat in the café is what's needed, so we're happy to do that too! 

Q: Can you guarantee my loved one's safety and comfort upon returning to their home?

A: As Companion Drivers, our priority is to provide both care and companionship during every trip. We offer a door-to-door service that includes escorting our clients into their homes and making sure they're comfortable before leaving. We can even provide them with refreshments upon their arrival. Unlike taxi services that often wait outside, our attentive service ensures our clients feel safe and supported every step of the way.

Q: What type of training is available to assist individuals with disabilities or health conditions? 

A: We prioritise the well-being of our clients. Our companion drivers are carefully selected based on their ability to provide quality care. They receive extensive training in first-aid, safeguarding, handling of people, dignity in care, and autism awareness. Additionally, we are proud to have drivers who are certified Dementia Friends. Before being allowed to drive one of our Daisies (vehicles), all drivers undergo rigorous licensing and police background checks. We take great pride in ensuring that all our drivers are qualified and capable of providing the highest standard of care for our clients.

Q: Are your transport services limited to short distances?

A: Not at all! We can take you anywhere accessible by a vehicle, whether it's across Great Britain, the channel, or to any of our c50 nationwide partners. Additionally, we can connect you to travel partners like airports, ports, or train stations and accessible travel specialists for onward travel. Our drivers are also companions, which means we can even accompany you on your entire trip.

Q: Is it possible to request a specific Companion Driver for recurring bookings or appointments?

A: At Driving Miss Daisy, we strive to create a personal and friendly experience for our clients. Based on the namesake movie concept where Miss Daisy’s driver becomes a trusted friend, we will make every effort to match you with your preferred Companion, as long as it aligns with their availability.

Q:  I receive disability support, can I use this to pay for my journeys?

A: If you receive funds for your disability, you may use them to pay for our services. Furthermore, if you are on an Access to Work Scheme, you may be eligible for a direct payment scheme from the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP).

Q: What are the payment options for my booking?

A: You have the option to pay for your booking on the day itself using cash, card or cheque. Alternatively, if you're a regular user, we can arrange to send you or the responsible person/organisation an invoice on a monthly basis.