About Us

The Driving Miss Daisy Story

The Driving Miss Daisy story began some years ago, in New Zealand; Melanie Harper drove her elderly Aunt Trish, who could no longer drive, to various appointments. Not wishing to always rely on kindness and impose on Melanie’s family life; Trish paid a companion to drive her at a convenient time. This gave her independence and control, whilst removing the constant feeling of indebtedness to her family. In 2009, Jack and Melanie launched Driving Miss Daisy® in New Zealand and it now operates across the country.

Paul and Ada Nuth were on holiday in New Zealand from the UK; spotted a Daisy car parked on a driveway. Intrigued, Paul looked into the company and immediately grasped the business concept. He talked to Jack and Melanie about his desire to introduce the business to the UK.

The business launched in the UK in early 2015, and Driving Miss Daisy® is firmly established and is expanding rapidly throughout the country.